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Evidence-based indicators for the measurement of quality of primary care using health insurance claims data in Switzerland: results of a pragmatic consensus process


Authors: Eva Blozik, Oliver Reich, Roland Rapold, Martin Scherer and the Swiss Quality Indicator for Primary Care (SQIPRICA) Working Group

Journal: BMC Health Services Research


The level of quality of care of ambulatory services in Switzerland is almost completely unknown. By adapting existing instruments to the Swiss national context, the present project aimed to define quality indicators (QI) for the measurement of quality of primary care for use on health insurance claims data. These data are pre-existing and available nationwide which provides an excellent opportunity for their use in the context of health care quality assurance.


Pragmatic 6-step process based on informal consensus. Potential QI consisted of recommendations extracted from internationally accepted medical practice guidelines and pre-existing QI for primary care. An independent interdisciplinary group of experts rated potential QI based on explicit criteria related to evidence, relevance for Swiss public health, and controllability in the Swiss primary care context. Feasibility of a preliminary set of QI was tested using claims data of persons with basic mandatory health insurance with insurance at one of the largest Swiss health insurers. This test built the basis for expert consensus on the final set of QI.


Of 49 potential indicators, 23 were selected for feasibility testing based on claims data. The expert group consented a final set of 24 QI covering the domains general aspects/ efficiency (7 QI), drug safety (2), geriatric care (4), respiratory disease (2), diabetes (5) and cardiovascular disease (4).


The present project provides the first nationwide applicable explicit evidence-based criteria to measure quality of care of ambulatory primary care in Switzerland. The set intends to increase transparency related to quality and variance of care in Switzerland.

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