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Budget impact model for oncopharmacogenetics from the perspective of mandatory basic health insurance in Switzerland using the example of breast cancer.


Authors: Thomas D Szucs, Kevin P Szillat, Eva Blozik.

Journal: Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine



Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can severely impact individual drug response and health outcomes in cancer patients. Genetic tests to screen for marker SNPs are available to adjust the drug dose of oncologicals to the patient’s needs. However, it is unclear whether the positive effects outbalance the increased costs or even lead to an overall cost reduction.


This very pragmatic analysis used three frequently used oncologicals for the treatment of breast cancer to evaluate whether preemptive pharmacogenetic testing may have a cost-reducing impact on health care spending in the Swiss health care system.


There was a broad variability of the difference between annual test costs for genotyping in all incident cases and the costs for treatment in patients with the corresponding gene.


Our results indicate that oncopharmacogenetics might help to reduce health care costs (ie, by avoiding adverse drug effects) and to increase efficiency of drugs in oncologic patients.

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