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Zwischen Skylla und Charybdis - Die moderne Psychiatrie im Spannungsfeld zwischen Machbarkeit und Finanzierbarkeit. (Peer Review)


Thomas D. Szucs, Eva Blozik, Oliver Reich

Summary: This article casts light on the conflicting priorities of plausibility and affordability of psychiatric health care services from the point of view of the Swiss Compulsory Health Insurance (OKP). The basis for this paper is the wildly diverging psychiatric health care costs in Switzerland. We present the potential causes of such discrepancies, as this constitutes a strong indicator that health care services are rendered not (only) for medical reasons, and that undesirable differences in health care at least partially account for this situation. Potential causes of these differences are thereby indicated, as well as possible approaches to resolve issues related to the aforementioned conflicting interests.

Complete article (PDF, 388KB) (in German)