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The Societal Costs of Schizophrenia in Switzerland (Peer Review)


Mark Pletscher, Renato Mattli, Agnes von Wyl, Oliver Reich, Simon Wieser, J Ment Health Policy Econ 18, 93-103 (2015).

This study aims to estimate the prevalence and the burden of schizophrenia in Switzerland in 2012 from a societal perspective. A hospital registry was combined with an outpatient physician survey and health insurance claims data to capture all patients living in the northern part of the canton of Zurich. Structured interviews with outpatient physicians were held to obtain information on outpatient care in private practices. Total costs included direct medical and nonmedical costs and lost production. The point prevalence of schizophrenia in Switzerland was estimated at 0.39% of the population. The average costs of schizophrenia in 2012 were EUR 39,408 per patient. Lost production accounted for 64% (EUR 25,108) of the total cost of illness, direct medical costs for 24% (EUR 9,507) and care by relatives or in residential homes for 12% (EUR 4,793). The results show the high burden of schizophrenia on patients, caregivers and society.

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