About us

The Helsana Group is the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland. It offers individuals and companies a complete health and prevention service in the event of sickness and accidents.

Proud to be a top-rated provider.

Helsana is a health insurer with some of the most satisfied customers. That makes us happy and spurs us on to do our best day by day – not only with our products but also through the service we give.

Committed to satisfied customers

comparis.ch - Customer satisfaction Rated «good» on comparis.ch

The respondents assessed the following categories: motivation and expertise of staff, the billing process and the quality of communication (survey conducted in June 2019). Comparis.ch is Switzerland's leading comparison website.

bonus.ch Marked at «5.1» on bonus.ch

The customer satisfaction survey focused on clarity in the communication of information, the processing of benefits and on customer service (it was conducted in September 2019). Bonus.ch is one of Switzerland's major comparison portals.

help.ch Rated «5.4 out of 6» on help.ch

The friendliness and competence of staff were assessed, as were the speed with which requests for quotes were handled and the processing the bills, the comprehensibility of documentation and the overall impression made. The HELP award is presented annually to the 10 best health insurers (most recently in March 2020).

Helsana Current satisfaction levels of Helsana customers (Q3/2019)

Helsana systematically asks customers about their satisfaction whenever they have dealings with us. We were rated as outstanding in three relevant aspects:

- Simplicity: 92.0
- Personal dedication: 95.6
- Comprehensibility of information: 95.5

Helsana Current satisfaction levels of Helsana corporate customers (Q3/2019)

Helsana systematically asks customers about their satisfaction after claims have been settled. We were rated as outstanding in three relevant aspects:

- Friendliness: 9.2
- Expertise: 9.1
- Settlement quality: 8.9

Committed to outstanding products

VZ Vermögenszentrum "Above average" for COMPLETA at VZ

VZ VermögensZentrum is constantly testing insurance premiums' prices and benefits. It has assessed Helsana's COMPLETA supplementary insurance as above-average. The impartial comparative testing is carried out in cooperation with K-Tipp, Saldo, Bon à Savoir and Gesundheitstipp (most recently in June 2019).

KTipp Helsana Advocare voted "No. 1" at K-Tipp

Helsana's legal expenses cover Helsana Advocare is backed by Coop Rechtsschutz. In a survey carried out (in May 2016) by K-Tipp among Swiss lawyers, it was voted No. 1.

Moneyland "First class" for COMPLETA at moneyland.ch

The costs and benefits of out-patient supplementary insurance plans were analysed. COMPLETA from Helsana outperformed the rest on scope of benefits (survey in March 2017). moneyland.ch is the independent comparison service for insurers and banks.