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Supplementary insurance

Contract change checklist

  • As a general rule, your contract cannot be separated or combined with retroactive effect
  • Report your new address to the Helsana Group immediately using the change of address form
  • Affix your name to the letter box at your new address
  • Notify the relevant post office
  • Premiums may change if you move, Premium calculator (basic insurance premiums are set according to canton and region, while supplementary insurance premiums are set according to canton)
  • Please let us know if your bank details change and, if necessary, request a new LSV/DD form
  • Check payment method (1mth/2mth/3mth/6mth/12mth)
  • Fill in the "contract separation" (PDF, 36KB) or "contract combination" (PDF, 37KB) form, including the signatures of all adults
  • Your family discount may change as a result of a contract separation/combination (5% off supplementary insurance from 2 persons and 10% off for 3 or more)
  • Check your accident cover under basic insurance (in accordance with the Federal Accident Insurance Act (UVG), all persons who are employed by a single employer for 8 hours per week or more are automatically insured by the employer against occupational and non-occupational accidents).