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Talk to our experts about allergies and get some advice

Experts from various specialisations are on standby in our forum to answer your questions – like naturopath Oliver Bassler on the topic of allergies. Got a question? Fire away!

Schnupfender Mann While some people can barely wait for spring, those who suffer from acute allergies would be happy to strike the months of March, April and May from the calendar altogether. The culprits include plants such as hazel, birch or oak, which begin to blossom as soon as it starts to get warmer. In addition to drugs and other conventional medical therapies, those affected may also be able to find relief in alternative methods. «There are a wide range of effective treatment options in the field of complementary medicine that can alleviate their symptoms», explains Oliver Bassler. At his practice in Weinfelden, he helps patients with a variety of complaints, including those that suffer from allergies. Clients who are interested in exploring this route can address questions to Oliver Bassler in the Helsana customer forum, much in the same way as they would if they came to his practice for an initial consultation. Oliver Bassler, who also works for Helsana as an expert on complementary medicine, specialises in fields as wide and varied as traditional European medicine, homoeopathy and acupuncture.

The Helsana customer forum is home to many other specialists alongside Oliver Bassler – including opticians, movement coaches and nutritionists – who are happy to share their knowledge and give tips. «Our primary aim in the forum is to provide information and to offer an initial point of contact», expands Oliver Bassler. «It is also important to us that visitors to the forum can exchange stories and report on their experiences», he adds.

The topics covered run the full spectrum: «People want to know, for instance, what an allergy actually is or why they are already suffering from hay fever in February.» Others have questions about food or dust allergens, and how they can bring their symptoms gently under control using alternative methods. If you want to discuss an issue or ask a question in the forum, you can sign up in just two clicks.

As always when talking about health and wellbeing, it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture, advises Oliver Bassler. In the case of an emergency or an established condition, it is recommended that you contact a doctor or therapist. Whether an individual would be best treated using herbal medicine, acupuncture, homoeopathy or another method is something that needs to be examined in detail.

Text: Christian Schiller