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November 2015

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Roman Schmid, the owner of Bellevue Pharmacy

The world of medication

From minor complaints to serious illnesses – pills, ointments and elixirs help us to get better. We purchase them from the pharmacy, the doctor or the mail-order pharmacy. It's as simple as that. However, everything that goes into making these small pills is more complex than we think. How are they produced? Who determines the price? Why do they sometimes cure us – and sometimes they don't? We answer these and many other questions on the topic of medication.

The modern pharmacy

Versandapotheke Roman Schmid, owner of the Bellevue Pharmacy, runs his business as a 24-hour operation which is open 365 days a year. Together with his employees and a robot, he serves an average of 1,000 customers a day. A look behind the scenes of a modern pharmacy located in the heart of Zurich.

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Mail-order pharmacies: easy, quick and cheap

Versandapotheke Mail-order pharmacies give you the chance to buy medication at particularly low prices. The CEO of the Zur Rose Group, Walter Oberhänsli, tells us the exact order process at a mail-order pharmacy and how customers benefit from having medication delivered in the mail.

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How medicinal products are developed

Apothekeninhaber gross Remedies may look simple, but their production is a complex process. Most of us never see the process which a medication goes through before it is available for purchase. We have summarised the ten most important stages for you.

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The hospital hygiene police

Herr Rossi Antibiotics are not always effective: 70,000 people get infected in hospital every year with bacteria which are resistant to corresponding therapies. The infectious disease specialist, Marco Rossi, from the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital tells us in an interview how he and his team fight hospital-acquired infections.

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Why is our medication so expensive?

Fragezeichen aus Medikament Medicinal products in Switzerland are often many times more expensive than abroad. Adjusting prices to those in other European countries would save millions of francs. However, it isn't quite that simple. Background information on the topic of medication prices – and how to get medicinal products at a lower price.

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Switzerland – like an island with high prices

Preisüberwacher It is clear to the Price Supervisor, Stefan Meierhans, which mechanisms are responsible for the high medication prices in Switzerland. He calls for lower prices, especially for generic medication. In the interview, he explains the reasons and tells us his recipe for lower costs.

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Shopping in the land of medication

Leistungseinkauf Our service contractors try to bring about savings for our customers and give them access to the best possible medical care. To that end, they require lots of know-how and good intuition when it comes to choosing the right business partner. But that's not all.

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Help for families like the Bossys

Telethon The Telethon Foundation, which is supported by Helsana, provides services to people with a rare genetic illness. 7-year-old Romain Bossy also suffers from an incurable hereditary neuromuscular disease. His mother, Lise-Marie, tells us how the family has learnt to live with Romain's disability.

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