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September 2015

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Stalderfamily from Puppikon (TG)

Family ties

Living healthily can sometimes be very difficult indeed. Our modern lifestyle means we are doing less and less exercise. So everyone who wants to be fit has to do something for it. How can a family achieve this objective? The way we are brought up has an early impact on our lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. That is why we wanted to know from 10 families from all corners of Switzerland what they imagine a healthy life looks like and what they are doing to achieve it. The result is a potpourri of all sorts of peculiarities, likes and dislikes, which make each one of these families a unique clan.

Live healthily – but how?

Leitartikel- Beitrag 1 There is virtually no other country in which people are as healthy as they are in Switzerland. And yet many people find it difficult to eat properly and do enough exercise. Why so? The Stalder, Delgado and Schmeltzer families tell us how they live and the health problems they have.

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One-stop medicine

Leitartikel- Beitrag 2a High-quality treatment at a low cost, sensitive care and round-the-clock availability. A family expects all of the above from their family doctor. The Pilatus Practice in Lucerne shows in exemplary fashion how the general practitioner model satisfies these wishes.

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Pros and cons of lung cancer screening

Leitartikel- Beitrag 3 About 3,500 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year in Switzerland. Only a few people are still alive five years after being diagnosed. A screening programme helps to identify the illness at an early stage. But who should pay for it?

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Ruby red and bursting with energy

Granatapfel: rubinrotes Kraftpaket Pomegranates are a symbol of life and fertility. Even back in the days of Ancient Greece, consumption there of promised perpetual renewal and eternal life. Did you know that pomegranates have a stronger antioxidant effect than green tea? Read all about the use and effect of the spherical fruit.

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Case study by Prevea on child accident prevention

Ist Mattia jetzt blind? Three years ago, nine-year-old Mattia was playing when a wooden arrow went straight into his left eye. His mother talks about the accident and its consequences. An impressive story about a boy who does not let his disability get to him.

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Don't run away, see it through

Exzentrisches Training Senso editor Szilvia Früh had never been interested in power training – until the moment when she heard about eccentric power training and the importance of having strong muscles. A personal report on aha experiences and elements of surprise.

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