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June 2015

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Long-term care concerns us all

We are all getting ever older, and the need for care is rising. Many Swiss families look after their relatives in need of care. What begins out of love can turn into a great burden. We show you how to prevent this. Home care services as well as old people's and nursing homes provide care around the clock. What is a typical day in such a home? And who pays? Read about care in old age - it is going to affect us all.

At home in the home

Lanzeln Moving into a care home is often a difficult step. What are the daily routines for carers and inhabitants? The Lanzeln Nursing Care Centre in Stäfa demonstrates how a stay can turn into a new home - the pictures tell their own story.

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"Look after yourself, daughter!"

Interview mit Frau Perrig-Chiello Daughters who care for their old mothers, wives who look after their sick husbands: what begins out of love can sometimes turn into a great burden. Psychology professor Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello explains what family carers need to be aware of.

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"The burden became unbearable"

Angehörigenpflege (M.Burkhalter) Micheline Burkhalter provided comprehensive care for her 28-year-old son, who has had muscular dystrophy since the age of four. The single parent tells impressively how she adjusted her life totally to his and how she coped with the enormous strain.

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Caring for the elderly - a multifaceted challenge

Grafiken The number of over 65s in need of care is on a sharp increase in Switzerland. By 2030, the costs for Spitex, care and nursing homes is expected to reach CHF18 billion. The other side of this is an ever increasing need for carers. We have compiled for you interesting figures and facts on this subject.

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Power grass against exhaustion

Kräuterkunde Hafer Oat is much more than the basis for porridge. It is a tonic for nerves, improves sporting performance, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels and alleviates itching. Read what else this power grass can do.

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