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Senso March 2015

Diabetes: the unknown known

More and more people are suffering from diabetes. According to a new Helsana study, almost one in every twenty adults in Switzerland is affected, and the trend is rising. This is reason enough to educate our customers and demonstrate our commitment to this issue. You can also read how sufferers live with diabetes, such as 9-year-old Tim.

An almost normal life

Beitrag 1 klein Tim is nine and suffers from type 1 diabetes. The disease sets the tone: Tim measures his blood sugar level up to seven times a day. Before each meal, he has to calculate how much insulin his body needs for processing. Discipline is vital for Tim.

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"The diagnosis was a shock"

Beitrag 2 klein For David Wechsler, the diagnosis – type 2 diabetes – came as a shock, but he quickly rejected the stereotype of having to cut down on everything. The 50-year-old explains what changes were necessary and how he got to grips with the disease.

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Why hospital costs are rising

Beitrag 3 klein Between 2012 and the end of 2014, Helsana reduced the costs of supplementary hospital insurance. The lack of competition among hospitals and the demographic trend are putting these reductions at risk.

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More and more people require care

Beitrag 4 klein In future, we must expect a rising number of people needing nursing care. The widespread assumption that the state meets the cost of nursing care is only partly true. The bulk of the cost is borne by the patients themselves.

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No interest in sport

Beitrag 5 klein Starting school also means learning to sit. This lack of movement leads to back problems, cardiovascular problems or metabolic disorders. Time for Helsana sports camps for children and young people. With a 10% discount.

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Training for dealing with mental health

Beitrag 6 klein Psychologist Sybille Imbach explains the need to identify mental illnesses in employees at an early stage. Helsana offers employers management training in how best to support personnel with mental health conditions.

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