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September 2014

Senso 3 2014 What health means to us

Can we control our health? What personality types are there when it comes to health? Do we take health too seriously? Even if everyone has their own concept of what health is, it is indisputable that we have never paid as much attention to what many regard as the highest good in a person's life as we do today. Is that right?

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Fraud alert!

Lupe Some are still putting selfies on Facebook when they are supposedly in a coma, while others try and get their health insurance to pay for renovating their bathroom. Read about the tricks that fraudsters dream up – and how Helsana catches up with them.

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Science fiction in medicine

Mensch Donor organs from 3D printers, artificial eyes and injections without needles: developments in medicine continue to forge ahead. Read about what is set to hit us in future.

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Why Yalcin Esen swapped his lorry for a travel coach

Case Management Lorry driver Yalcin Esen used to lift up to ten tonnes of goods per day with his colleagues until his back finally gave way. There followed a long period of suffering until he could get back to work.

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