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June 2014

Senso 2 2014 Cancer: still a death sentence, or is there hope?

Cancer affects a substantial segment of the population. But tumours are by no means the threat they used to be. Medical advances have produced some innovative therapies. The experts report on new discoveries and patients talk about their experiences.

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An overview of the most important articles

Oncologist Thomas Cerny on changes in cancer treatment

Thomas Cerny How can we cut mortality rates for cancer patients? And how is cancer affected by age? Professor Thomas Cerny is one of the leading oncologists in Switzerland. He knows that for more than 50% of patients cancer is no longer a death sentence. In an interview he explains why.

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When the attitude to death changes

Beitrag 2 Senso 2 Suzanne Balimann-Oertli, Martin Wettstein and Rosmarie Pfau. All of them received a diagnosis of cancer. But that did not mean their lives ended there. "Let's wait and see" they said, continued to eat well and stopped worrying about untidy rooms. Three reports from the front line.

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To Heidelberg for a second opinion

Center Heidelberg in Germany has a highly specialised oncology centre. Those who have supplementary insurance with us may go here to receive a second opinion if they are diagnosed with cancer. Things move quickly: in just two weeks a committee of specialist doctors discuss the case and recommend a therapy. This avoids unnecessary treatment.

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