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March 2014

Senso 1 2014 Close-up on our health system

How does our health system work? What does it cost? And what is it worth to us? After a look at the past and present challenges facing our health system, we shift our focus far away to Mozambique. The well-known Swiss heart surgeon René Prêtre is on a very special mission here.

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What draws the Lausanne heart surgeon René Prêtre to Mozambique

Was den Lausanner Herzchirurg René Prêtre nach Mosambik zieht Instead of sitting back in his free time, Professor René Prêtre from the University Hospital of Lausanne prefers to travel to Mozambique, where he operates with his team on around 30 children with heart problems every year. Read how this mission has changed the winner of the 2009 Swiss citizen of the year award.

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Two clicks away from the naturopath

Mit zwei Klicks zum Naturheilpraktiker Hazel pollen can trigger the first symptoms in allergy sufferers even in the winter. Finding out the right information now gives you a better chance of managing your hay fever. Our expert in complementary medicine Oliver Bassler gives his advice in the customer forum, and not just on allergies.

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