The StayWell online tool developed by Helsana, external partners and scientists helps companies to detect possible health risks in respect of their employees early on and introduce suitable measures.

As an early detection instrument, it focuses entirely on a person's actual state of health drawn from a scientifically based questionnaire concerning various areas of their life. This comprehensive survey increases the chances of their situation stabilising quickly and sustainably and helps to prevent absences from work.

In addition, StayWell supports the employees in actively promoting their health. The online tool provides line managers with support in respect of preventive measures and gives recommendations for dealing with acute and chronic employee illnesses.

This is how StayWell works:

  • The line manager anonymously answers a number of questions online relating to various areas of the employee's life. These are medical, social or working situations. Ideally, the employee also completes a questionnaire concerning his/her current situation and discusses the results with his/her line manager.
  • A personal report is drawn up and individual measures are proposed.
  • The assessment is based on the health classification criteria produced by the WHO (World Health Organization) and on criteria specific to their role in the workplace and the sector they work in.

In this way, health risks can be detected in time and preventive measures taken.

StayWell is available to companies that have taken out daily sickness allowance insurance, as part of the supplementary insurance benefit Helsana Business Health.

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