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Insurance solutions for self-employed people


Working for yourself? Then you enjoy lots of freedom – including the freedom to choose your own insurance.

Your insurance obligations

All you need to do is get accidents included in your private healthcare insurance to be sure of medical and hospital expenses being covered in the event of an accident, too. Apart from that, you're free to choose the insurance solutions that are right for you. That way, you can voluntarily cover yourself against lost income and the consequences of being unable to work.

Insurance obligations and options for self-employed people

Selbständige Versicherungspflicht (Gross)

Legende Blau Compulsory insurance obligation
Legende Gruen Voluntary insurance option

Our offer

Standard Model

Rather like an employee: You insure yourself in exactly the same way as you would if you were an employee.

Selbständige Versicherungsangebot Standard (Gross)

Legende Rot Helsana offering for businesses
Details of the Standard Model

The model covers benefits in the event of an accident at every level – from medical and hospital expenses to the consequences of incapacity to work. There are limits to the benefits, though. If, for example, you want to insure more than 80% of your earnings, you have to take out supplementary accident insurance.

Cover for illness is different, in that you have to insure the three levels – medical and hospital expenses, loss of income and incapacity to work – separately.

Medical and hospital expenses are covered by your compulsory health insurance.

Loss of income is compensated for by your daily sickness allowance insurance for a maximum of two years. The amount paid depends on the percentage you have agreed with the insurer.

As for the long-term financial consequences of illness, you have to make your own arrangements. In the Standard model, this is done through an occupational pension solution (under the Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pensions Act - BVG), which you need to arrange with a life insurance company. That, together with the benefits from social insurance, will cover something like 60% of your income. However, you can also arrange extra cover and more individual supplementary solutions with the life insurance company. By having Swisslife as our cooperation partner, we can offer you all-in solutions from a single source.

The Standard model applies the legal requirements for employees' accident insurance, covering all three levels in the event of an accident – medical expenses, loss of income, and incapacity to work, too. There are limits to the benefits, though. You can make them more generous by taking out supplementary insurance. A choice of individual insurance solutions is available, including for illness.

Flex model

Structured in flexible steps: Making the most of your flexibility as a self-employed person, you insure only what makes sense given your family or financial circumstances.

Selbständige Versicherungsangebot Flex (Gross)

Legende Rot Helsana offering for businesses
Details of the Flex Model

Risks of medical expenses resulting from an accident or illness are covered by your private health insurance. When taking it out, make sure that accidents are included.

To forestall possible losses of income, you can take out daily sickness allowance insurance, with accidents also included.

Would you like to protect yourself against long-term loss of earnings? Then we recommend that you take out incapacity for work insurance and get it tailored to fit your precise personal needs. By working together with Swisslife, we can offer you made-to-measure all-in solutions in the form of our Flex insurance model.

The Flex model's modular structure means you insure exactly what you want insured and nothing else. So, do you want it to cover incapacity to work or not? A survivors' pension – yes or no? Short or long waiting periods before daily allowances are paid out? You decide!

Your advantages

Financial security

If you work for yourself, serious illness or a major accident will hit you especially hard. After all, you and your business are one and the same. There's nobody there to take over the work you're meant to be doing, while your fixed costs remain the same and your clients soon start getting impatient. The insurance we offer can at least make the financial consequences of an accident or serious illness much easier to bear.

Made-to-measure benefits

Not only do we take care of your obligations under the law, but we also put together a personalised package designed for your family and financial circumstances.

Personal and fast

Our experience and expertise means that you benefit from efficient processing and all-round advice. We treat every case as individual and give you personal support in every situation.

We'll analyse your situation and your needs and sit down with you to work out the best possible solutions together.

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