Reintegration with the help of case management

Reintegration Grafik

After a serious accident or a lengthy illness, it is often difficult for employees to return to their everyday work. Our case management takes the individual features of every single case into consideration and helps the affected person to return to the workplace step by step. We coordinate the institutions involved – such as insurance companies and service providers – and offer support as needed. With one goal that serves all: rapid reintegration into everyday working life for good.

For which cases is case management suitable?

If employees

  • are unable to perform as a result of an accident or an illness;
  • have already been absent from work for some time;
  • indicate that they will not be able to return to their job in the foreseeable future.

What Helsana offers

  • Our free case management supports both employers and employees and is voluntary. It provides support with medical and social stabilisation, as well as occupational reintegration.
  • Our case managers provide personal assistance to you and your employees, from the initial case assessment until the individual's personal and work situation have improved.
  • We coordinate procedures involving doctors, third-party and social insurance (disability and BVG), lawyers and other parties. The person who is ill or has had an accident can therefore concentrate on getting better and returning to working life.
  • Thanks to their many years of experience and sound training, our case managers have a great deal of expertise. They assist and provide the affected persons with comprehensive advice in difficult life situations.

All details relating to case management

Advantages of our case management for you as an employer

It reduces the duration of absences and prevents loss of know-how.

It lowers insurance expenses and keeps premiums correspondingly low.

We assist you by looking after the employee concerned in the event of their extended incapacity for work and supporting you in administrative tasks.

Do you still have questions?

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