Early detection of health risks

Early detection pays off

The worst course an illness can take is if it becomes chronic, the length of the absence increases and the chance of the employee reintegrating into working life is reduced. By taking early detection measures, you can prevent the illness from becoming chronic. We answer the most important questions relating to the topic of early detection for you:

What steps does Helsana take in early detection?
Raising awareness among and training your employees

If your employees already react consciously to warning signs early on, short and long-term absences can be reduced.

Contact with the employee and early detection

As soon as an insured person is absent from the workplace due to illness for more than 30 consecutive days, or if you see repeated short absences within one year, get in touch with us. We will try to get in touch with the person concerned and clarify his/her situation as far as possible. The absences must be justified by health problems.

Active support

Helsana involves you as the employer in this process. How much you want to be involved is your decision. Our common goal is to identify the need to take action early on and the speedy and lasting reintegration of the insured person into the work process.

Helsana as a hub

We ensure that there is a smooth exchange and flow of information between all persons and institutions involved. Alongside the employee concerned, we involve his/her employer, the pension fund, the disability insurance scheme and other insurers involved, as well as all the doctors and therapists. This enables us to look together for sensible solutions for you and your employees as quickly as possible and support you in implementing them. You can find out here what specific form the support could take.

What does early detection depend on?
Secure a job through early registration

Register with us as early as possible. This will increase the chances that the affected person can return to his/her old job and be reintegrated into working life. After registering with the disability insurance, we initiate suitable reintegration measures. We always believe that: reintegration is better than retirement.

Tailored support and coordination

We support the employee and his/her employer personally and as needed at a challenging time. Impending disability must be identified at an early stage. We work with the disability insurance to initiate a coordinated action plan. The top priority is to quickly reintegrate the affected person into his/her everyday working life for good.

Prevent long-term absences

Repetitive absences can be a sign of a long-term illness. Our health managers help you to identify this in good time and to introduce suitable measures. We discuss together the health care options at your company so that illnesses do not arise in the first place and long-term absences can be avoided. In this way, you reduce your costs of continued payment of wages as well as insurance premiums.

What does the StayWell web platform provide?

Helsana has developed the StayWell web platform to actively promote employees' health. Looking at the person from a holistic perspective is key as social, occupational and financial influences are also important for health and well-being alongside medical factors. If employees show the first signs of feeling unwell or an illness, line managers can resort to StayWell independently.

This is how StayWell works for you as an employer :
  • The line manager answers a number of questions relating to various areas of his/her employee's life online in consultation with the employee. Ideally, the employee also completes a questionnaire regarding his/her current situation and discusses the results voluntarily with his/her line manager.
  • A personal report, individual measures and the employee's questions and answers are shown for discussion.
  • The evaluation is geared towards the World Health Organisation's health classification criteria as well as the job profile and the individual.

In this way, health risks can be identified at an early stage and preventive measures introduced.

Do you have any further questions?

If you are interested, please contact: fachfuehrung.leistungen_ug@helsana.ch.