Overview of healthmanagement

Early detection and reintegration


Companies need healthy employees. So Helsana supports you in detecting health risks early on and in actively promoting your employees' health. Because stressful working conditions increase the risk of illness.

Together with you, we want to improve your employees' health, reduce absences and prevent illnesses from becoming chronic. Early detection contributes to this in two ways:

Firstly, it helps to detect risks early on, deal with them accordingly and reduce illnesses and absences from the outset. In this way, you play a part in promoting the health of your employees. Secondly, early detection helps you to identify in good time those absences where there is a risk of chronification. In such a case, our case managers support you and the employee concerned to ensure speedy, lasting reintegration.

Why is early detection so important?

Employees and employers benefit equally from early detection, in both health and financial terms. If an employee shows abnormalities, they should therefore be registered early on, discussed and the correct measures introduced in good time.

What Helsana offers

We train employees to manage their own health better. We also provide training to help managers identify early-warning signs and take action.

Our StayWell web platform helps you and your employees to detect possible risks and take individual social, occupational, medical and financial measures at an early stage.

Thanks to our coordination between all parties involved early on, long-term absences can be avoided.

If a claim does arise, though, we will help manage the case quickly and smoothly.

We provide you with support in coordinating matters with the disability insurance office. Early registration increases the chance of the employee keeping his/her job in the event of partial disability.

All details of early detection

Advantages of early detection for you as an employer

Raising awareness of the topic of health leads to the avoidance and reduction of absences.

Early investment in the health of your employees leads to fewer absences. If an employee is unable to work, the chronification of an illness is easier to prevent. You save the costs of the continued payment of wages and benefit from stable premiums.

As a client you use our early detection tools – Leaderscare.ch and the StayWell web platform.

Do you have any further questions?

We will be happy to assist you in all aspects of early detection:

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