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Helsana is your partner for all employee health issues. Building on our expertise as Switzerland's leading health insurer , we can support you and your employees to ensure that everyone stays healthy or returns to full health as soon as possible. You can draw on our comprehensive range of benefits and products for prevention, early detection, benefit processing and reintegration. Our services cover the whole healthcare system. We aim to improve your employees' health and reduce the long-term risk of chronification . You will see a long-term reduction in absence costs and premiums (daily sickness allowance insurance and BVG).

Healthy employees are good news for everyone: your company, your employees and your insurer.

Staying healthy (prevention and health promotion)

It is best to avoid sickness and injuries in the first place, which is we focus on prevention and health promotion.

  • We suggest measures designed to reduce the number of short absences.
  • We help you to implement a health promotion system and standardise absence management – that includes providing training and support.
  • Helsana's online Leaders Care training tool helps managers to deal with employees with mental health issues.

Health management in the workplace

Early identification of health risks (early detection)

In order to avoid new diseases and prevent existing disorders becoming chronic, we focus on the early identification of potential risks.

  • We train employees to manage their own health better. We also provide training to help managers identify early warning signals and take action.
  • We coordinate the early detection measures within your company.
  • We establish an objective, transparent foundation for successful cooperation.
  • We work with you to plan the financial framework for early intervention.
  • Our StayWell early detection tool suggests tailored measures for every sphere of life – for both the employer and the employee.

Early detection (StayWell)

Reintegrating injured and sick employees (case management)

We help the affected individuals to return to the workplace after an accident or illness.

  • Our case managers provide personal assistance to you and your employees from the initial case assessment until the individual's personal and work situation have improved.
  • We coordinate procedures involving doctors, third-party and social insurance (disability and BVG) and other parties.
  • The affected person has easy access to support services.
  • Our primary goal is to maintain the post and avoid invalidity.

Reintegration (Case Management)

Case management

We quickly and efficiently process your claims and provide your employees with individual support.

We are committed to improving the health of your employees and your company.

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