Daily sickness allowance insurance

Unlike accident insurance, taking out daily sickness allowance insurance is voluntary. However, as an employer, you are always obliged by law to keep on paying your staff's wages when they're off sick.

When is daily sickness allowance insurance appropriate?

The length of time over which you have to keep on paying a sick employee's wages varies from region to region and depends on the length of time they have been working for you.

That's why it's difficult for businesses to estimate the financial risk presented by employees being absent for considerable periods of time because of illness. Take out Helsana Business Salary daily sickness allowance insurance, and you can turn this incalculable risk into calculable costs. You pay the premiums, and we handle the continuing wages payments until any benefits from social insurance kick in. Moreover, with Helsana Business Salary, you can offer the employees concerned more financial security than is required by law. By doing that, you're showing yourself to be an employer people will want to work for.

Situation without daily sickness allowance insurance

Benefits from last salary in % (AHV salary)

Lohnfortzahlung ohne Versicherung

Legende Blau Obligation to continue salary payments pursuant to OR (payable by the employer)
Legende Orange Coverage gap (payable by the employee)
Legende Grau Social security benefits

The absence of daily sickness allowance insurance results in painful gaps in cover.

Waiting period, amount and duration of the daily allowances – you use these to adjust the sickness benefits to your own business situation:

Flexible waiting period of between 0 and 360 days

You can think of the waiting period as being like a co-payment. By choosing a waiting period, you decide for yourself for how long you want to keep on paying employees' wages when they fall ill: or, to put it another way, when the insurer should start paying the daily sickness allowance. A longer waiting period reduces the premiums you have to pay. In practice, the usual solution SMEs opt for is a waiting period of 30 days.

Daily allowances of between 80% and 100% of the insured salary

A daily allowance of at least 80% exempts you from the legal duty of continuing to pay wages, as it's recognised as being of equivalent value as a solution. A higher daily allowance means you're offering your employees more than the minimum required by law and positioning yourself as an attractive employer.

Choice of how long the benefits are paid for: 365 or 730 days

The choice of the most suitable benefit duration depends on your occupational pension arrangements (BVG). If you decide that benefits should be paid for 730 days, payment of the occupational pension can be deferred. By doing that, you not only take the pressure off your pension fund and save on risk premiums, but are also putting your employees in a much better position.

More details on daily sickness allowance insurance

Your advantages

Calculable costs

Helsana Business Salary enables you to turn your financial risk into fixed and calculable costs. We guarantee the uninterrupted continuing payment of wages until the disability pension, or, later, the retirement pension, become payable. By doing that, we take the pressure off your pension fund, too.

Relief of the administration

Whenever you need it, we'll also help you with administrative tasks – such as coordination between different public authorities and insurers. Our insurance expertise will enable us to deal with administrative tasks quickly and professionally.

Your health partner

The object is to get your employees re-integrated into the workplace as soon as possible following their illness. Here, too, you can count on personal support from our experienced health experts.

Advantageous employer positioning

By providing your staff with better cover, you are positioning yourself as the sort of socially responsible employer people will want to work for.

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