Important amendments to the law on compulsory accident insurance (UVG)

Beginning and end of accident cover for individual insured

Insurance cover for the individual insured starts on the day on which the employment relationship / employment contract begins, even if this should fall on a Sunday or a public holiday. A gap in coverage has been closed as the extended cover now applies for 31 instead of 30 days.

Interim accident insurance

Interim accident insurance is now granted for a maximum of six months instead of 180 days. This amendment does not affect Helsana, as we already express the maximum duration of interim accident insurance in months rather than days on our information sheets.

Pension claim

A lifelong disability pension is now only payable for a disability of at least 10% caused by an accident if the accident occurred before the insured reached the regular AHV retirement age.

Pension from accident insurance after AHV retirement age

To avoid overcompensation, the pension payable by the accident insurance is reduced when the insured reaches the regular retirement age, provided that the insured was older than 45 years when the accident occurred. If the level of disability is more than 40%, the reduction is two percent for every full year between the 45th birthday and the date of the accident. If the level of disability is less than 40%, the reduction is one percent. Transitional provisions will apply to the pensions of pension recipients who will reach the regular retirement age in eight or more years but less than 12 years from the date on which this amendment enters into force.

Right of termination

In future, a termination right will apply if the net premium rate or administrative cost rate increases.