Details on supplementary accident insurance

So you don't expect your employees to put up with any financial restrictions? Or you want to offer them the agreeable facilities of a semi-private or private hospital ward?

Helsana supplementary accident insurance offers you a range of insurance solutions to choose from, each tailored to individual needs. There are also modules to complement various benefits, ranging from coverage of full salary to lump sum benefits in the event of disability and death.

Insurance obligations and options in the event of an accident

KMU Details zu Unfall

Legende Blau Compulsory insurance obligation
Legende Hellblau Voluntary insurance option

You can include one or more of the following benefits in supplementary accident insurance:

Medical expenses

After an accident, your employees will benefit from medical treatment, food and accommodation in a hospital's semi-private (2-bed) or private (single-bed) ward. They also have a free choice of physician while in the hospital.

Daily hospital allowance

Your supplementary accident insurance can also include a daily hospital allowance payable to the insured person to the agreed amount while they are in hospital. They can also receive this benefit during convalescent therapy prescribed by a physician or while being cared for at home by a third party who takes care of the household. This enables them to cover any costs they may incur.

Daily allowance

If an employee is certified by a physician to be temporarily incapable of work, Helsana will pay a daily allowance of up to 100% of the employee's real salary, starting from the day of the accident, rather than from the third day after it. This will be of particular interest to employees whose salary exceeds the maximum under the UVG of CHF 148,200. Only supplementary insurance will enable these people to have a daily allowance sufficient to maintain their accustomed standard of living.

Capital insurance

You can insure up to 600% of your employees' real wages. The insured capital will be paid out to them or to their surviving relatives in the event of their disability or death.


In the event of disability or death, employees or their surviving relatives receive pensions from compulsory accident insurance, but only up to the maximum salary under the UVG. Supplementary accident insurance calculates these pensions on the basis of their real wages. This helps employees who earn more than the UVG maximum to maintain their standard of living.

On the insured person's death, the pensions are paid to the survivors entitled to them, the surviving spouse taking precedence, the insured person's children coming second, and their parents third in line.

Special risks

Where an accident was caused by gross negligence, exceptionally dangerous activities or hazardous behaviour (e.g. taking part in a motocross race), compulsory accident insurance may reduce benefits or refuse outright to pay them. Supplementary accident insurance, on the other hand, can cover these special risks.

Deliberate acts are, however, still excluded. They result in benefits being reduced or withheld in supplementary accident insurance, too.

Cover for costs incurred abroad

Compulsory accident insurance imposes limits on the payment of costs for travel, transport, rescue, the transport of human remains and burial, where these are incurred abroad. It repays no more than twice the amount that the same service would have cost in Switzerland.

Supplementary accident insurance enables you to increase this foreign cover. If you're insured for treatment in a semi-private or private ward, the insurance will cover this when you're abroad too. The person who has suffered an accident will be cared for abroad until such time as they can be brought back to Switzerland.