Accident insurance

If you're an employer, you're obliged to insure your employees against accidents. With supplementary insurance, you can add to the benefits required by law and adapt them to your needs.

Do I have to take out accident insurance?

All employees working in Switzerland must be insured against accidents. If you are not self-employed or insured by Suva (the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund), you are required by law to take out compulsory accident insurance for your employees.

If employees suffer accidents or occupational illnesses, this can have serious consequences for their everyday life and work. Compulsory accident insurance alleviates these consequences by providing sound basic financial benefits that prevent sufferers from having to face extreme hardship.

Which benefits are insured?

The benefits payable under compulsory accident insurance are laid down by law. They cover medical expenses, a hospital stay in a general ward and 80% of lost earnings (where the salary does not exceed CHF 148,200). Helsana Business Accident offers you options over and above this compulsory accident insurance. These additions can all be adapted to your needs in modular fashion, independently of one another.

Situation with an accident insurance

Benefits from last salary in %


Legende Blau Obligation to continue salary payments pursuant to UVG (payable by the employer)
Legende Rot Accident insurance (pursuant to UVG) from Helsana, compulsory for companies with employees (up to a salary of CHF 148,200)
Legende Rosa Supplementary accident insurance (pursuant to VVG) from Helsana as additional cover
Legende Grau Social insurance

As an employer, you're obliged to continue to pay at least 80% of an employee's wages from the day of their accident. They become entitled to benefits from compulsory accident insurance from the third day after the accident. That entitlement lapses once the employee is fully recovered and capable of working.

What compulsory accident insurance offers your employees and their family members is financial security after an accident or in the event of disability or even death. It aims to secure their standard of living. The benefits are laid down by law and cover medical expenses, short- and medium-term loss of salary and long-term loss of earnings..

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Supplementary accident insurance enables employers like you to add modules to this compulsory accident insurance, and on all three levels: treatment, daily allowances and long-term loss of earnings. The possibilities are many and varied: you can, for example, insure lower wages more generously (100% rather than only 80%) or insure higher salaries above the CHF 148,200 limit imposed by the UVG on insurable earnings. You can also raise the level of accommodation in hospital not only for certain groups of employees but for all of them, from general to semi-private or private.

More details on supplementary accident insurance

Your advantages

Modular structure

The benefits under compulsory accident insurance are fixed – but, when you complement it with supplementary accident insurance, it is you and you alone who decides which services you want to claim and which risks you want to cover.

Prevention cuts costs

As one of the biggest health insurers in Switzerland, we help you with every aspect of health management – from health promotion to absence management.

Relief of the administration

We deal with administrative tasks, such as enquiries into conditions of eligibility for benefits, quickly and professionally, thus saving your organisation time and effort.

You are comprehensively insured

You and your employees are comprehensively insured against the consequences of accidents, whether these are medical expenses, lost earnings or permanent incapacity to work.

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If you also take out extended insurance, your employees can continue to benefit from accident insurance cover even after their employment relationship with you has ended.

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