Insurance solutions for SMEs


A small or medium-sized business is just like any other employer: it's required to have accident insurance for its employees. Insuring their daily sickness allowances, though, is optional.

Like any employer, however, a SME is obliged to keep on paying staff who are absent as a result of illness. It's difficult to estimate in advance just what this will cost , as a single SME is too small to be able to work out reliable estimates of how likely it is that people will fall ill. What daily sickness benefits insurance offers is predictable premiums for you and better cover for your workers.

Are you self-employed? We've put together additional information for self-employed people, and you can find it here.

Your insurance obligations

Accident Sickness
Obligatory The law says that you have to insure all your employees against accidents.

If an employee is ill, you're obliged to keep on paying their wages for a limited period of time. This is something you can insure yourself against.

Voluntary The insurance cover required by law is extensive, but there are limits on certain aspects of it. Tailor-made, modular additional insurance solutions enable you to offer your employees even better protection. Take out daily sickness allowance insurance, and you're no longer bearing the financial risk of continuing wages payments yourself.

Insurance obligations and options for employers

KMU Versicherungenspflichten (Gross)

Legende Blau Compulsory insurance obligation
Legende Hellblau Compulsory legal duty which can be covered (replaced) by insurance
Legende Gruen Voluntary insurance option
Legende Ecru Responsibility of the employee

Our offer

With Helsana, you can cover your business and your employees against (almost) all the costs incurred when an employee falls ill or has an accident.

Helsana offering for businesses

The insurance solutions we offer are not just the obligatory ones, but also optional ones which you can adapt to fit your small business's specific needs.

KMU Versicherungsangebot (Gross)

Legende Rot Helsana offering for businesses
Compulsory accident insurance (UVG) gives you and your employees a legally required minimum of protection against the financial consequences of an accident or occupational illness. Take out supplementary accident insurance, and you get more insurance benefits and can offer your employees some attractive extras too.

Insurance obligations and options in the event of an accident

KMU Details zu Unfall

Legende Blau Compulsory insurance obligation
Legende Hellblau Voluntary insurance option

While the benefits under compulsory accident insurance (UVG) are fixed, employers can decide for themselves what the benefits under voluntary supplementary accident insurance should be. Example: Employees who have had an accident continue to receive 80% of their pay under compulsory accident insurance; you can take out voluntary insurance to cover the shortfall.

Compulsory accident insurance

The benefits from the accident insurance (UVG) required by law cover the treatment of those affected as an outpatient or as an inpatient on a general (multi-bed) hospital ward. The insurance also covers 80% of their wages in the medium term, and pensions equivalent to 80% of their insured income in the longer term. The maximum insurable salary is CHF 148,200, and employees who earn more than that have to expect to lose out more financially.

More details on compulsory accident insurance

Supplementary accident insurance

By taking out supplementary accident insurance, you can give any employees who have fallen ill or had an accident more support than the law requires – not only by continuing to pay them their full salary, but also by enabling them to be treated in a semi-private or private hospital ward or arranging for the paying out of lump sums in the event of disability or death. The choice of benefits is entirely yours, and you can also combine them as you wish. The better the benefits, the clearer your profile as an employer people will be keen to work for.

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Unlike accident insurance, which is compulsory, taking out daily sickness allowance insurance is voluntary. You are, however, obliged to carry on paying the wages of any employees who have fallen ill or had an accident. How long this obligation lasts depends on seniority and region. That's why businesses find that taking out daily sickness allowance insurance pays off.

Insurance obligations and options in the event of illness

Details zu Krankheit
Legende Gruen Compulsory insurance obligation or obligation to continue salary payments
Legende Hellgruen Voluntary insurance option
Daily sickness allowance insurance

Helsana Business Salary daily sickness allowance takes over from firms the obligation to pay continuing wages up to the point where social insurance may start paying out. That means the employees are better off, while their employer benefits from the predictability of the costs involved.

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Your advantages

Security that enables you to plan ahead

Absences of employees due to illness or accident are unpredictable for an SME. Our insurances transform the financial risk into fixed costs.

Insurance solutions from a single source

Not only do we cover all your obligations under the law, but we'll also put together an insurance package tailored to the needs of your firm and your employees.

Personal and efficient

We're the largest health insurer in Switzerland, so we've got the expertise that means you stand to gain from all-round know-how and fast administrative processes. At the same time, we never forget that it's all about individuals, and are happy to advise you and anyone else involved face to face, if you or they so wish.

We'll analyse your situation and sit down with you to work out the best possible solution for you, together.

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