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Pay attention to behavioural changes

Pay attention to the following changes in your employees' behaviour and raise the issue with them early on.


  • Behaviour at work
    Increase in number of absences, unpunctual and more time out
  • Performance
    Variations in performance, poor concentration, reduction in quality of work, unreliable, more forgetful
  • Social interaction
    Withdrawal from social interaction; very distrustful; aggressive, short-tempered or interfering behaviour; noticeable increase in conflicts with colleagues and customers
  • Mood
    Depression, exhaustion, resignation and lack of interest, anxiety (e.g. fear of failure), bad temper, extreme highs and lows
  • Physical symptoms
    Repeated complaints about physical problems, tiredness, lack of energy, dizziness, sweating, nervousness and agitation
  • General behaviour
    Change in appearance (bags under eyes, dirty clothes, not washing, often unshaven, pale), noticeable consumption of alcohol or medication

You can find out how best to address such behavioural changes in the HELP concept. This discussion guide will help you address behavioural changes early on and take appropriate measures.

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