What’s my dance?

Dancing is a fun way to exercise and unwind. Find out which dance is for you: Zumba, tango, salsa, breakdance, line dancing, capoeira, BODYCOMBAT or PILOXING?

Dancing is a great way to unwind and create positive energy. Regardless of whether you prefer the classical elegance of salsa or the tango, the creative moves of breakdance or hip hop, or the fitness elements in Zumba, PILOXING or capoeira, dancing in all its forms is great exercise for the body, mind and soul, whatever your age. And, you can dance anywhere!

Helsana+: First collect points, then redeem them

For Helsana+ users, dancing comes with a double benefit: you are rewarded with health benefits as well as Plus points, which you can turn into cash and make a wish come true, for example, by treating yourself to a new pair of dancing shoes.

Dancing builds muscles and confidence

Dancing is not just huge fun, it’s also an excellent way of improving your coordination, strength and balance. You can completely immerse yourself in the rhythm, allowing your senses to come alive through aesthetic movement. You also become more aware of your own body and how you can use it to express your feelings and identity. Your self-confidence grows and you become more open-minded (for more on this, read this blog entry).

Which dance suits my mood?

There are countless styles of dance. Trust your gut feeling and just try out a few. Most gyms and dance studios offer trial sessions. So, which will it be?

Want a high-energy workout? Zumba or PILOXING is for you

Zumba combines aerobic exercise with Latin dance-inspired elements for a fun, high-energy full-body cardio workout. If Latin music isn’t really your thing, but you want to burn all that excessive energy, give PILOXING a go. PILOXING unites the best of pilates, boxing and dance in an intensive cardio session.

Want to be more confident? Give salsa or tango a try
Both salsa and tango are contemporary Latin American social dances that can be danced in pairs or in a group. Aside from improving your fitness, flexibility and coordination, many who have taken up dancing the tango or salsa say it has made them more confident. It requires focus and the expression of feelings through movement, both of which create an inner calmness. It can have similar effects to meditation, in that it relieves tension and anxiety and reduces shyness.
Want to relieve stress? Try breakdancing
Breakdance is an athletic style of street dance that emerged from the hip hop scene and originated among the African-American youth of 1970s New York. Breakdance, which is also referred to as b-boying or b-girling, is typically set to pop, funk and hip hop. It’s all about creativity, using your body language to expressive effect and being one with the music. Breakdance teaches you to focus, improves your coordination and frees the mind.
Want to improve your mood and be social? Line dancing is the way to go
As the name implies, line dancing involves a group of people dancing in line, side-by-side and in rows to country or pop music. You don’t dance with a partner, but line dancing is very social, with the whole group following the same choreography. The steps are a mix of popular partner dances including the cha-cha and waltz. The shared experience of line dancing is huge fun, keeps you fit and is guaranteed to lift your spirits.
Want to relieve tension? Go for capoeira or BODYCOMBAT

If you’re looking for a demanding, creative blend of dance and fitness, capoeira is for you. The Afro-Brazilian martial art combines elements of dance and combat techniques in a series of movements that requires endurance, speed, flexibility, fitness and strength. It has given rise to a new trend, Capoeira Fit, which takes a more aerobic approach.

BODYCOMBAT also uses martial arts-inspired training to get you fit. The intense training programme devised in New Zealand combines elements of a number of different martial arts, including karate, tai chi, boxing and kickboxing, in a coordinated choreography. Both of these dance forms provide an opportunity to let off some steam and relieve tension through dynamic movement.


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