Unexpected early return

If something happens to a close family member in Switzerland or some other personal misfortune arises, getting back home becomes a priority. However, going back home unexpectedly also results in unforeseen costs.

Vorzeitige Rückreise

Life is full of surprises. And sometimes fate can deal you an unexpected blow. The consequences and complications of an unexpected event are all the more serious if you are abroad. Being far away from home and not being able to act quickly puts you under additional pressure. So it's understandable that you want to return to Switzerland as quickly as possible.

Clarify the situation first before you leave in a rush

Try to compose yourself and ask relatives or those affected in Switzerland for details of what has happened. If there has been a bad accident or even a death among your close family or friends or your apartment or house has been burgled, you'll want to travel home as quickly as possible.

If you have taken out travel insurance with a specialist provider, get in touch with them first. Find out if they will reimburse you for the cost of accommodation, transport, rental cars, etc. that you have already booked.


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