Training with a view

The Helsana Trails offer a beautiful view. Trail enthusiasts tell us about training on their favourite trail.

Sports teacher Daniel Reber and his pupils train for the Grand Prix 2018 in Berne.

PE teacher Daniel Reber and his pupils from Hofwil Grammar School opened the trail in Münchenbuchsee (BE) in August.

How do you ensure the trail is maintained?

That is a job for my class: my pupils alternate in small groups every month.

What is your class’s running goal?

We are working towards the Grand Prix 2018 event in Berne’s old town, a run of almost five kilometres. We are using the trail to prepare ourselves, i.e. for endurance training.

What do you like about the trail?

The variety. Whether through the forest, rural areas or all across Münchenbuchsee.

Valérie Comment from Jura uses the trail for different sporting activities.

For Valérie Comment, the Helsana Trail in Alle (JU) is ideal for several running and walking activities.

How do you use the trail?

For running courses that I lead at the adult education centre, for walks with my family and once or twice a month for training as part of a running group.

What do you especially like about this trail?

The fact that it is so varied: it offers pleasant stretches for walks as well as challenging running sections.

Your constant companion when running?

My sports watch, which allows me to track my performance.

Paola Engelhardt and her son training as they enjoy the view of Lago Maggiore.

Paola Engelhardt runs on the Cardada Trail (canton of Ticino) almost every weekend. Her son Enea accompanies her on this trail from time to time.

How often do you use the trail?

As a rule, every Saturday and Sunday. I either walk or jog and sometimes also do exercises.

What makes this route so special to you?

The magnificent view of Locarno, the Lago Maggiore, the mountains and the Magadino plain.

What is something you always have on you and why?

Some money so I can drink a coffee with the person accompanying me.

Sandro Petrillo is training for his next triathlon as he enjoys the view of Mt. Pilatus.

Naturopath, fitness trainer and hobby triathlete, Sandro Petrillo, jogs 13 kilometres on the trail in Kriens (canton of Lucerne) almost every day.

What do you use the trail for?

As preparation for the next triathlon. I can jog uphill or downhill and in doing so make a cumulative elevation gain of just under 500 metres.

What is worth exploring along the route?

The Wolfsschlucht (a gorge) which is mystical like a fairy-tale world. Or the grove offering views of Mt. Pilatus at the elevation of the cross.

What is something you always have on you?

My mobile phone. I have music on it like electro house or heavy metal.

Your training coach when you are out and about

The free Helsana Trails app brings the trails onto your smartphone and measures the distance, speed and time as well as calculating your calorie consumption.

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