Important tips to help you save on your premiums

Optimise your premium without compromising on peace of mind. It’s easy. Simply use our tips and reduce your health insurance premiums.


Alternative insurance models

By choosing the BeneFit PLUS General Practitioner model, you will enjoy a discount of at least 10% on your basic insurance premiums. With the BeneFit PLUS Telemedicine model, you can save as much as 15%. PREMED-24 gives you a premium discount of at least 8%.

More information about alternative insurance models

Choose your annual deductible

For your basic insurance, you should choose a deductible which is higher than the statutory minimum of CHF 300 per calendar year. If you choose the deductible of CHF 2,500, for example, you can make a massive saving on your premiums.

More information on the annual deductible

Check your accident cover

Do you work at least eight hours a week for the same employer? If so, you already have accident insurance through your employer and can exclude this cover from your basic insurance, reducing your basic insurance premium by 7%.

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Family discount and children's starting discount

Why not insure everyone in your household under the same contract? This will allow you to benefit from a family discount on supplementary insurance. You'll receive a 5% discount if you are a family of two and 10% for three or more. You can also save even more on your premiums with the children's starting discount. 

Benefit from the family discount and children's starting discount

Long-term policies

If you take out a long-term supplementary insurance policy, you can enjoy a discount of 3% for contract periods of three years or 5% for contract periods of five years, saving you even more on your health insurance premiums.

More information about long-term policies

Save even more on your premiums

Maximise your full savings potential with our additional tips. Click here for an overview of all our tips for saving on basic and supplementary insurance premiums:


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