Safety in challenging times

Helsana is well positioned to master the current crisis – in the interest of its customers.


Nicole Koch

We find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. This extraordinary situation demands a great deal from each and every one of us – and it is a source of uncertainty. This is because things that are usually a matter of course are currently no longer possible. Personal decisions are taking on a social and health significance. After all, it will only be possible to prevent our everyday lives and healthcare system collapsing if we show solidarity. We have a Herculean task to accomplish. The Federal Office of Public Health is appealing for us to demonstrate solidarity and assume personal responsibility in the interest of the common good. These are values that are also cornerstones of our social insurance system.

Prepared thanks to reserves

The health insurers are financed on a solidarity basis – and they have the legal obligation to create reserves. With our premiums, we all make a contribution here, irrespective of whether we are healthy or ill, rich or poor, young or old. Part of the premiums flows into the reserves. These are established in order to cover costs for unforeseeable and rare events. The pandemic we are now experiencing is one such event. In the area of compulsory health insurance (OKP), there is generally a ban on the distribution of profits. This means that every franc paid in premiums remains in the OKP. This benefits our customers. All medical benefits that are already paid for by the health insurers, so-called statutory benefits, are financed in this way. However, new benefits that are added during the pandemic after being declared statutory benefits by the Federal Council are also covered. One example here is the diagnostic test for the coronavirus: it was declared a statutory benefit on 4 March. This mechanism is a cornerstone of our care. Should even more medical benefits be added, these will also be financed by the health insurers. Our customers can count on this. 

Financial security for customers

Thanks to its reserves, Helsana is well placed and is facing the current challenges from a position of strength. Helsana uses this financial security to the optimal benefit of its customers. Helsana encourages them to get in touch if they have any questions, are unsure about anything or are experiencing difficulties – for individual advice and an uncomplicated solution.


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