Carefree in your retirement

Getting an early start when preparing for old age is more important than ever. We’ll guide you through all the decisions for your financial provision and insurance cover after retirement.


Anybody who’s dealing with the issues of preparing for their old age is bound to have questions. But the earlier you make arrangements for your occupational pension (i.e. BVG, Pillar 2 or pension fund) and Pillar 3, the better off you will be. We are happy to advise you in all questions surrounding your pension and insurance benefits after retirement. We show you what the financial consequences will be when you retire, whether your current insurance policy is enough for the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement, what you need to consider in terms of taxes and social insurance, and how you can stay on top of things.

No matter how complex preparing for retirement might sound to you and how far off it may seem – think about it before you get to AHV retirement age. As you get older, your requirements change. After you retire you will have more time for hobbies and travelling, and you’ll have become used to a certain level of comfort. The longer you leave it to decide what kind of health plan and financial security you will need in your old age, the harder it will be to adjust your insurance cover accordingly.

We offer you advice regarding compulsory basic insurance and the supplementary insurance policies available, optimise your financial situation, recommend sensible preventative measures such as health checks, and make sure you are properly insured on your trips abroad.

Discuss your retirement with us: 058 340 90 76

As you get older, your priorities in life change, and so does the focus of your insurance benefits. Maybe comfort and privacy in hospital are more important to you. Or perhaps at some point in future you will need to contribute towards a household help or you might want to relocate abroad.

Since after you retire you will no longer have an employer to provide your accident or daily allowance insurance, you will have to insure yourself against the consequences of accidents. You can include accident coverage in your basic insurance. The possibility of a stay in hospital or the need for care are also good reasons to think about future insurance cover.

Our customer service team will help you make the decision that is right for you: 0844 80 81 82

Alongside the AVS/AI/APG system (old age, disability, loss of income), occupational pension funds, known as Pillar 2, enable you to maintain your previous standard of living. The aim is that together with the Pillar 1 you will receive a pension income of around 60 percent of your final salary. All employees are insured under Pillar 2 who earn at least CHF 21,150 per year (as at: 2017).

After the age of 24 and until retirement age, your occupational pension insurance contributions will not only cover you against death and disability; they will also go towards your retirement pension. That definitely makes sense, because your priorities change with age. After you retire you will have more time, fewer responsibilities and a different perspective on money and risk.

When and in what form you draw your pension affects both your tax situation and your financial flexibility, and therefore also the lifestyle you can afford. Ask your employer about the possibilities available to you at least a year in advance. In addition to this, you should sign up with the cantonal compensation office six months before retirement in order to receive the AHV pension.

Likewise, we will support you at an early stage in planning your occupational pension, for example with the right life insurance policy. Our pension experts will be happy to help you. Call us on 058 340 90 76

Pillar 3 is something particular to Switzerland – and enables you to save for your retirement pension individually. This is because, for most people, Pillars 1 and 2 are not enough to maintain the standard of living they are used to after retirement. Whether it’s with Pillar 3a in the form of restricted private pension provision for employed and self-employed persons, or with the unrestricted Pillar 3b – the third pillar guarantees your financial freedom in your twilight years. We’ll be happy to explain to you in person how it all works. Call us on: 058 340 90 76

Premiums can place a heavy strain on your budget, even for those whose financial situation is comfortable. Therefore, you can claim a premium reduction if you have taken out a basic insurance policy with a health insurer recognised by the Swiss federal government and your income and assets are low enough to qualify you for financial support.

Your income situation changes after you retire. That's why it's worth asking the office responsible in the canton where you live whether you are entitled to financial support.

Who receives a premium reduction?

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