Moving into a retirement home

Moving out of your own home and into a retirement or nursing home is a step in life that may also have implications for your health insurance. Things such as power of attorney, place of residence and general practitioner must be taken into account.


Power of attorney

When moving into a retirement or nursing home, it makes sense to grant a power of attorney to a closely related person so that this person can provide information in your name about health insurance matters. For this, we have a power of attorney form.

Place of residence

Where you reside is a decisive factor.

The Federal Insurance Court (Eidgenösische Versicherungsgericht, EVG) defines place of residence as your residence and not your domicile. If an insured individual lives in a nursing home, then that is their place of residence, even if they have not yet given up their former home. Health insurance is therefore obliged to reimburse the tariffs in the canton in which the nursing home is located.

General practitioner

If you are insured under a GP model and you are entering a retirement or nursing home, it is best to check with the responsible Client Service team or the nearest sales office as to whether a change must be made to the model.


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