Alternative payment options

The FOPH is encouraging people to stay at home as much as possible. Activities that used to be perfectly normal, like going to the post office, are becoming a challenge and require new solutions.


Nicole Koch

How can you still pay your invoice securely?

Arrange for someone else to make the payment

Give your payment slip to someone else, or send them a picture of it. They can arrange the payment for you via e-banking.


Settle your invoice using the online portal of your financial institution (bank/PostFinance).


Pay the latest invoice via e-banking and register for eBill. Then in future you will be able to pay your invoices in just a few clicks, or automatically using the “automatic permanent approval” function.

Direct debit

Register using the attached form and we will debit the amount of the invoice from your bank or PostFinance account in future.

Payment order to your bank/PostFinance

Request a payment order form from your financial institution. Complete it and send it to your bank/PostFinance along with your payment slips. They will make the payment for you. Please note: there may be a charge for this service, depending on your bank.


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