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Do you feel uncertain if an agent calls you? It doesn’t have to be like that. We eliminate prejudices and provide tips.


Daniela Schori

The health insurance market is often difficult to understand for laypeople. Agents help them to come to grips with this market and thus to get the best possible insurance coverage. Many customers would like neutral, independent agents. Just like most large health insurance companies, Helsana therefore also works with external advisors.

Helsana attaches great value to the quality of such consultations. As a member of the “Curafutura” health insurance company association, we have therefore committed ourselves to meeting stringent quality standards which must be complied with by the agents – our sales partners.

Our customers often don’t know anything about our stringent conditions which agents must meet. Many people therefore feel uncertain when agents call them. It doesn’t have to be like that. Below we provide clarification on the most common prejudices and tips.

Many customers would like a personal, independent consultation. In addition, the quantity of consultations requested is too great, which is why Helsana can only meet this customer requirement thanks to external agents.

Helsana firmly reiterates its opposition to cold calling – which is when agents contact customers without their express consent.

We take great effort to ensure that the quality of the agency business remains high. Helsana focuses on advising customers in good faith.

We contractually oblige the agents to meet the high requirements stipulated in the quality standards of our industry association “Curafutura”. We verify that they have registered with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, in order to guarantee a uniform training standard. Moreover, we review extracts from the register of convictions and the debt collection register. Plus, we insist that the agents comply with their duty of confidentiality relating to our customer data. Both our external agents and the customer confirm that for every contract concluded via the Helsana quote system, the appointment for a consultation was not arranged through cold calling.

According to our quality standards, this is only permitted with the customer’s consent. Anyone who wants to protect themselves against unwanted calls can request a starred entry for their telephone number, for example.

With their commissions, they cover their travel expenses, the consultation including preparation and follow-up, administration (infrastructure costs, staff costs and quality costs) as well as supporting customers.

Their commissions also have to cover the risk that no contract is concluded in spite of a time-consuming consultation.

“What does a serious consultation entail in concrete terms?”

During an initial conversation, the agent makes a note of the customer’s requirements. He or she then compares the insurers’ offers. Based on this comparison, he or she works out the best offer for the customer. He or she then arranges a second appointment for a consultation with the customer. This consultation focuses on the following points:

  1. Explanations about basic insurance (Federal Health Insurance Act) These includes, for example, the deductible, excess, alternative insurance models, inclusion and exclusion of accident coverage, age-based premium increases and notice periods.
  2. Explanations on supplementary insurance (Federal Insurance Contract Act). These include, for example, the product benefits, accident cover included, deductible, age-based premium increases, restrictions (health declaration) as well as waiting and notice periods
  3. General information (services provided by the different insurers, legal provisions)

Notice whether the person introduces themselves using their full name and the company name. Ask them where they are calling from and how they got your contact details. A reputable agent will be happy to provide such information to you.

Make sure that you complete the health declaration together and submit it with your application. Verify that your contact details and those of the agent are entered correctly and completely on the form. Go through the record of consultation together and ask the agent what the next steps will be.

Request a copy of the application. Check it and after you receive the policy, ensure that it matches the application.

If you are uncertain, get in touch with us. Our contact details are available on the policy.

Provide us with feedback

If we ask for your feedback on the consultation following the conclusion of an insurance policy, we would be happy if you provide us with this information. By doing so, you can help us to continuously improve the quality of our consultations.


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