Apps for more mindfulness

Over-stimulation, constant availability – digitalisation triggers stress. But it also opens up possibilities: apps promoting mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular.


Lara Brunner

How to get deeper sleep

Playlists, podcasts and audio dramas help you slip gently off to dreamland. Sleep-inducing background noise such as ocean sounds and thunderstorms also have a calming effect. You can use meditation apps to relax proactively before going to sleep. The next day, sleep trackers will let you know exactly how long and how deeply you slept. And to help your day get off to the best possible start, you can also choose from a range of exercises and meditations on the topic of "waking up".

Meditation apps Sleep trackers

How to concentrate better

Use your smartphone to set reminders to take regular breaks. Various apps allow you to block access to specific apps or websites for defined time periods. This keeps you from getting distracted. You can find background sounds and concentration-enhancing music in numerous apps. And meditation apps can help you learn to focus better both in the moment and in the longer term.

How to motivate yourself more easily

Apps with information and tips on time management and goal-setting can support you in your planning. Set yourself goals and commit to them. Share your progress in community groups. Create to-do lists. In the classic version, you simply tick off your completed tasks. In the more playful version, you earn Plus points for completed tasks, allowing you to access new levels. You can also use meditation apps for rest breaks with short relaxation exercises.

More mindfulness with the Helsana Coach app

These tips and exercises for motivation, concentration, sleep and relaxation will bring more calm into your day-to-day life.
Download the Helsana Coach app now and let’s get started.

Relaxation exercise: "Let peace come"

In the Helsana Coach app, you can find various exercises to help you relax. Audio instructions guide you through the meditations. Now take four minutes to try the relaxation exercise "Let peace come":

Assume a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Make sure you're undisturbed for the next few minutes. Close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing – without trying to control it. Take a deep breath and exhale completely. Now start counting your breaths. Count one when you inhale, two when you exhale, until you reach ten. Let your breath flow in and out naturally through your nose. Feel how your chest gently rises and falls. When you have counted to ten, just start over again from the beginning. If you find your thoughts wandering elsewhere, gently bring your awareness back to observing and counting your breaths. And if you forget what number you were on, just start again from one. After a while, you will notice that the flow of your breathing is very calm and even. You will also find that your stream of thoughts has calmed a little. Now you can stop counting. Linger for a few moments in this pleasant quiet space. Invite the stillness in and allow inner peace to settle over you. Be completely present in the here and now. Take a few deep breaths in and out to come back from this meditation. Stretch if you like, and open your eyes slowly. Remain seated for a moment. Before you get up again, ask yourself how you feel. Do you feel calmer and more relaxed than a few minutes ago?

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