The right insurance while abroad

Healthcare systems in other countries work differently than in Switzerland. This also applies in matters of liability and insurance. Have your insurance arrangements made before travelling abroad on holiday, for learning a language or for business. With the right insurance solution, you will be well-protected in the event of illness or accident.

Above all, you should insure yourself against risks which quickly become expensive in case of any claims. These include illnesses and accidents, particularly in Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA where healthcare costs are very high. Just as sensible are breakdown protection, motorists' legal expenses cover and travel assistance insurance – in case you suddenly have to cut short your journey.

In most cases, you will not need baggage insurance: it is often covered by home contents insurance. Cancellation insurance is only worth it for expensive journeys or in combination with travel assistance insurance. And before you take out travel insurance: first clarify with your travel agent what cover you really need. Incidentally, travel insurance is not compulsory.

Don’t forget to pack your health insurance card

It contains the emergency number and your policy number for emergencies or claims. And because it is so important, you should not only have it with you in your suitcase but always have it on you. In case of treatment in the EU, as a rule you will at most have to pay an excess in the local medical facility thanks to this card.


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