The birth is approaching – not long now

When it's their first child, expectant mothers don't really know what to expect. Will everything go well? Will labour be bearable? Good preparation for the birth will help everything go well. It's an exhausting experience for the mother, because it places great demands on her body. Yet when she can take the little one in her arms, the pain and discomfort are almost forgotten.


The birth of a baby is a very personal experience. Every expectant mother experiences this moment in her life differently. And many have mixed feelings about giving birth. A sense of joyful anticipation combined with insecurities. Will everything go well? Will I be able to bear the contractions?

Advice and support from a midwife or gynaecologist

You should already get some support from an experienced midwife or your gynaecologist during your pregnancy. Your trusted person can provide competent answers to most of the questions you have regarding pregnancy and preparing for the birth. They give you a sense of security and confidence and are at hand if you're suffering from pregnancy-related problems. Choose your midwife.

Birth preparation courses and antenatal exercise classes

Also ask your midwife about birth preparation courses. Many of these trained specialists offer such courses themselves. Antenatal exercise classes help to prepare you physically for giving birth. Exercises to loosen up the pelvis, to improve your posture and for relaxation as well as to strengthen your stomach and back muscles are recommended.

As your due date approaches, the tension grows of course. You might be a bit nervous now and then. Talk to mothers in your family or among your friends about what's going through your mind regarding the impending birth. Talking to other women can be very helpful and reassuring.


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