Summer (12)

Relax and start the summer with us, whether it be on holiday or at home. Learn how complementary medicine provides first aid for sunburn and how to combat fear of flying. Don't forget: Find out what your insurance cover is abroad and what to do in an emergency.

Summer tip: Helsana mountain trails

These five Helsana trails at altitudes of over 1,000 metres offer cool forests, breathtaking views, idyllic swimming spots and other surprises.

Bee sting: what should I do?

If you treat a bee sting properly, you can ease the symptoms. These tips really help.

This helps with summer flu

All you need to know about the summer flu – and how best to protect yourself from it. Tips.

Ten tips to beat the heat

These ten tips will help you beat the heat.

Insurance cover abroad

With our supplementary insurance policies, you are also optimally protected abroad. We won’t leave you in the lurch in difficult situations.

Light relief for heavy legs

When the summer heat hits and puts pressure on your veins, complementary medicine can help. Tips to counteract swollen feet and heavy legs.

Summer recipe: falafel & salad with mint dressing

Are you looking for a light summer recipe which you can prepare quickly and easily? We have a suggestion for you.

Sunburn: natural remedies that help

Ouch! Your skin is red and scorched – sunburn. Now it needs special care. Complementary medicine tips.

How to protect yourself against the sun

Does tanning in a solarium really help and can you really not get sunburnt in the shade? We will tell you.
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