Helsana+ (24)

If you exercise, take preventive health measures, are a devoted customer or have a gym membership, you can collect lots of Plus points, turn them into cash and make a wish come true. Find out how easy it is here and be inspired!

Three course Christmas menu

Still looking for the perfect Christmas menu? These three recipes will make your Christmas meal a total success.

Cocoa spice bread with millet crunch

Spice bread with cocoa, Lebkuchen spices and millet is perfect for Advent. The recipe is here.

Grittibänz with wholemeal flour

There are lots of ways to make yeast dough cookies. Try out our wholemeal version.

Coconut sweet potato with tender chicken breast

Try our one-pot recipe. You only need a few ingredients.

Recipe for banana pancakes

These pancakes can be prepared quickly and enhance any breakfast.

Recipe for broccoli with fennel seeds and chilli

Looking for a recipe to prepare broccoli in a different way? We have a suggestion for you.

Make a wish come true with Helsana+

With a healthy lifestyle, you can effortlessly collect Plus points and reap the rewards.

How to get the most out of Nordic walking

Nordic walking is fun, but challenging. To get the most out of it, you need the right equipment and the right technique.

Breaststroke: How to avoid the most common mistakes

Swimming in breaststroke is healthy, if you have the right technique. How to avoid the most common mistakes and burn more calories.
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