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If you exercise, take preventive health measures, are a devoted customer or have a gym membership, you can collect lots of Plus points, turn them into cash and make a wish come true. Find out how easy it is here and be inspired!

Vanilla yoghurt with rhubarb compote

To make this recipe, you only need four ingredients and ten minutes’ time.

Alkaline food

Some foodstuffs are acidifying while others form alkalines. Is this an important factor in a healthy diet?

How to get the most out of Nordic walking

Nordic walking is fun, but challenging. To get the most out of it, you need the right equipment and the right technique.

Rustic pasta dish

You can whip up a delicious and healthy dish with wholemeal pasta and colourful vegetables in no time at all.

Colourful chicken wraps

Peppers, courgette, carrots – these vegetables add colour to your wrap. Roll them up and enjoy.

Jogging for beginners: 11 important tips

Too fast, too often, too long – we’ll you what to look out for as a novice runner.

Relaxation on the Helsana trails

Forest bathing, barefoot walking, conscious breathing – these three techniques can help you relax.

Pasta one-pot with tomatoes and cream cheese

Wholemeal pasta is high in vitamins, fibre and minerals. It is also more filling than normal pasta.

Smoked trout crostini

Still looking for a delicious recipe to serve at your next drinks reception? Then try our crostini now.
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