Helsana+ (30)

If you exercise, take preventive health measures, are a devoted customer or have a gym membership, you can collect lots of Plus points, turn them into cash and make a wish come true. Find out how easy it is here and be inspired!

Millet-feta burger

Burgers come in all shapes and sizes. Try our recipe with millet and feta now.

How to optimise your calorie consumption

Couch potato? Five tips on improving your calorie balance – without having to count calories.

Oven-baked mackerel with herbs

Fill the mackerel with the herbs, add salt and pepper to taste and put in the oven. Quick, easy and delicious.

Chia-mango overnight oats

Quick and delicious breakfast with just five ingredients. Try it now.

Meatballs with mushrooms

This easy and delicious recipe is sure to delight both young and old.

Kale with cranberries and soy vinaigrette

Combined with these little red berries, this winter vegetable is a real treat for the taste buds.

Leek mash with a poached egg

Mashed potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes.

Three course Christmas menu

Still looking for the perfect Christmas menu? These three recipes will make your Christmas meal a total success.

Cocoa spice bread with millet crunch

Spice bread with cocoa, Lebkuchen spices and millet is perfect for Advent. The recipe is here.
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