Nutrition (41)

Pomegranate: Ruby red and bursting with energy

Did you know that the pomegranate is a symbol of eternal life? It truly does keep you looking young. Add it to your next smoothie!

Lavender oil is relaxing and calming

Lavender has a soothing smell, reminiscent of the sun and sea. Its oil also has a calming effect and supports sound sleep.

Good for the heart and circulation: buckwheat

If you have swollen feet and painful veins, your blood circulation system needs a boost. A muesli with buckwheat will alleviate your symptoms.

10 facts about coffee

Do you need your daily caffeine boost? What effects coffee has on your body.

The optimal nutrition for muscle building

Those wanting to sustainably strengthen their muscles not only have to train, but also eat healthily. We show what matters here.

Say goodbye to winter frustration: cowslip

The harbingers of spring also bring with them a spring awakening for your health: the cowslip is a medical all-rounder.

Where does the sugar hide?

Everyone knows that truffles and sweets are full of sugar. However, the addictive substance is also in many other foodstuffs. Amazing facts.

How to optimise your calorie consumption

Couch potato? Five tips on improving your calorie balance – without having to count calories.
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