Nutrition (45)

A natural detoxification treatment: dandelion

Not everything we enjoy eating is easily digestible. Dandelion makes short work of any food sitting heavy on the stomach.

Lavender promotes relaxation

Lavender has a soothing smell, reminiscent of the sun and sea. Its oil also has a calming effect and supports sound sleep.

Intermittent fasting: methods and benefits

Intermittent fasting involves disrupting eating patterns with periods of prolonged fasting. Is that healthy?

Blossom during the cool season: elder

When brewed as a tasty tea, the elderflower wards off irritating colds & it will put you in a good mood when taken in the form of a sweet syrup.

Tips for a balanced nutrition

What you eat and drink affects your health and your well-being. We will give you tips for a balanced nutrition – including taste experiences.

Where does the sugar hide?

Everyone knows that truffles and sweets are full of sugar. However, the addictive substance is also in many other foodstuffs. Amazing facts.

Anti-stress programme: one stress-free week

Stress-free for a week

Finding that ideal weight

Too heavy, too light or just right? Our tips to help you find your personal ideal weight.

Cinnamon and its effects

Did you already know? Cinnamon has an alleviating effect. It stimulates digestion, promotes blood circulation and much more.
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