Nutrition (45)

The optimal nutrition for muscle building

Those wanting to sustainably strengthen their muscles not only have to train, but also eat healthily. We show what matters here.

Tips for a balanced nutrition

What you eat and drink affects your health and your well-being. We will give you tips for a balanced nutrition – including taste experiences.

Coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity & a gluten-free diet

Anyone suffering from coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity must stick to a gluten-free diet. We will explain what this means, exactly.

The low-carb diet

Low-carb is currently trending. Success stories and recipes abound online. But just how healthy is a low-carb diet?

How can you optimise your energy consumption?

Couch potato? With these five tips you can improve your energy balance – without having to count calories.

Combat stress with resilience

In the interview, the resilience expert Patricia von Moos explains how to prepare ourselves for difficult situations.

Anti-stress programme: one stress-free week

Stress-free for a week

Nutrition as a defence against stress

Always under pressure? The right diet can help you to maintain your wellbeing.

Intermittent fasting: methods and benefits

Intermittent fasting involves disrupting eating patterns with periods of prolonged fasting. Is that healthy?
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