Illnesses (27)

Natural remedies for rheumatism

Rheumatic joint pain can begin at any age. Get some advice on how complementary medicine can help you beat rheumatism.

Signs of illness while abroad

Lifestyle changes may result in physical problems. The Helsana Emergency Call Centre can advise you in severe cases.

Quick medical assistance while abroad

In the event of a sudden illness or an accident abroad, it is important to stay calm and take appropriate action.

Childhood illnesses

Nearly all children get one or more of the typical childhood illnesses. An overview of symptoms, treatments and tested home remedies.

Interview with heart surgeon Thierry Carrel

Nobody suspected it was a heart attack

Young father survives two heart attacks


Exhaustion as a symptom of burnout

Individuals experiencing persistent mental or physical strain will eventually become exhausted. At this point, burnout is not far away.

Depression in young people

It is not rare for children and young people to suffer from depressive illnesses. Symptoms must be taken seriously and addressed promptly.
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