Illnesses (27)

Skin cancer: prevention is the key

Skin cancer should not be taken lightly: it can be life-threatening. The chances of recovery are high if the cancer is detected early.

Natural remedies for rheumatism

Rheumatic joint pain can begin at any age. Get some advice on how complementary medicine can help you beat rheumatism.

Therapies for depression

There are many therapies available to treat psychological problems. Discussion with a professional can help in making the right decisions.

Signs of mental illness

Psychological problems throw life out of balance. Typical symptoms include depression, anxiety, addiction or odd behaviour.

Type 2 diabetes is surprisingly common

Many people live with type 2 diabetes. You can live a normal life without any discomfort if you manage things right.

Type 1 diabetes: a diagnosis with consequences

Type 1 diabetes will have a significant impact on your lifestyle. Regular insulin injections are inevitable.

Gestational diabetes: don't panic

Many women are very concerned when they are diagnosed as diabetic during pregnancy. But usually there is no reason to worry.

Do I have diabetes? Spot the symptoms

Diabetes does not appear overnight. Diabetes is often identified through gradual physical changes.

What is cardiac insufficiency?

Cardiac insufficiency, or a weak heart, is a health risk that needs to be taken seriously. Early detection can prevent hospitalisation.
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