Health policy (9)

Who pays for the increasing costs of care?

Switzerland is home to ever more elderly and thus care-requiring individuals. But who pays for this care? Answers to a controversial question.

The myths of health insurance

There are lots of stories about health insurance. Here, we present the five most common myths and provide explanations.

Interesting facts about premiums

Read some interesting facts from the Helsana premium report on health insurance premiums here.

Why health insurance premiums are going up

Health insurance premiums go up every year. Read here to find out which factors are driving healthcare costs upwards and where the money goes.

Premium development and saving tips

EB member Rudolf Bruder explains why the standard model's average premium has little meaning and how you can optimise your premium.

To pay or not to pay?

Invoice control forms a part of our core business. With the help of the latest technology and a great deal of expertise, Helsana saves CHF 300 million each year.

Outpatient treatment and the other side of the coin

Medical progress means that there are now many more outpatients than inpatients. But this doesn't relieve the burden on premium payers.

Tarmed intervention – sensible, important and right

The Federal Council’s Tarmed intervention will rectify several shortcomings of the outdated tariff system and should result in annual savings of about 470 million francs. However, a full revision is now urgently required.

Federal Council wants to save 700 million with tariff intervention

The Tarmed tariff intervention by Federal Councillor Berset should improve transparency and reduce disincentives. Is this the right solution?