Health literacy (14)

This helps with summer flu

All you need to know about the summer flu – and how best to protect yourself from it. Tips.

Knee arthroscopy: Information about this treatment

In this country, knee arthroscopy is both popular and controversial. Is surgical treatment worthwhile?

Combating migraines

Practical tips and methods from complementary medicine to help fight off your next migraine attack.

Are my headaches migraines?

Knowing whether you have migraines or headaches can help you can deal with them better. Find out what headache type you are.

Antibiotics against coughs with phlegm? Here are the facts

Are antibiotics any use against coughs with phlegm? The latest scientific findings, readily understandable, in this video.

How helpful or beneficial is the use of imaging techniques in diagnosing back pain?

Patients with back pain are often examined using imaging techniques. But how beneficial are x-rays or computer tomography scans really?

Cardiovascular disease: statins as primary prevention

Statins lower your cholesterol and are used in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. They are one of the most prescribed classes of drugs. Read on for the advantages and disadvantages they offer.

Heart attack: a comparison of treatment methods

If coronary arteries are narrow, your heart is not supplied with enough oxygen. This can cause a heart attack. Read on for a comparison of treatment methods.

Early bowel cancer detection by means of a colonoscopy

Life-saving or not? We provide you with the facts so that you can weigh up the advantages and risks of a colonoscopy.
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