Exercise (41)

Helsana trail in La Neuveville

Stefanie Gauchat fought for β€œher” Helsana trail in La Neuveville for two years. Her highlights in photos.

How can you optimise your energy consumption?

Couch potato? With these five tips you can improve your energy balance – without having to count calories.

Combat stress with resilience

In the interview, the resilience expert Patricia von Moos explains how to prepare ourselves for difficult situations.

Anti-stress programme: one stress-free week

Stress-free for a week

Aching muscles: the key facts

How do aching muscles come about and what helps to counter them?

Muscle week

Focus on your muscles for a week. You will get tips on exercise, nutrition and mindfulness every day.

The optimal nutrition for muscle building

Those wanting to sustainably strengthen their muscles not only have to train, but also eat healthily. We show what matters here.

Lumbago – sudden-onset lower back pain

Caused by a wrong move and incredibly painful: a lumbago diagnosis. More information on the causes, treatment options and preventive measures.


Being physically active has numerous benefits, such as improving your health and strengthening your immune system.
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