Helsana Coach (16)

You can complete different programmes in Helsana Coach. It offers tips and activities relating to exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Helsana Coach supports you in achieving your personal health goals and boosting your well-being as a result.

How important melatonin is for our sleep

Thanks to the hormone melatonin, we can sleep blissfully. But what exactly does the sleep hormone do to us? And how can we influence our sleep pattern ourselves?

Coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity & a gluten-free diet

Anyone suffering from coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity must stick to a gluten-free diet. We will explain what this means, exactly.

Anti-stress programme: one stress-free week

Stress-free for a week

The optimal nutrition for muscle building

Those wanting to sustainably strengthen their muscles not only have to train, but also eat healthily. We show what matters here.

The low-carb diet

Low-carb is currently trending. Success stories and recipes abound online. But just how healthy is a low-carb diet?

Muscle week

Focus on your muscles for a week. You will get tips on exercise, nutrition and mindfulness every day.

How progressive muscle relaxation works

Do you often find yourself tense? Do you suffer from stress or chronic pain? Try progressive muscle relaxation. A guide.

Combat stress with resilience

In the interview, the resilience expert Patricia von Moos explains how to prepare ourselves for difficult situations.

Jogging for beginners: 11 important tips

Too fast, too often, too long – we’ll you what to look out for as a novice runner.
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