Helsana Coach (25)

You can complete different programmes in Helsana Coach. It offers tips and activities relating to exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Helsana Coach supports you in achieving your personal health goals and boosting your well-being as a result.

Four breathing exercises for relaxation

Breathing exercises help you to relax. We present four breathing techniques that will help calm you down in stressful situations.

Where does the sugar hide?

Everyone knows that truffles and sweets are full of sugar. However, the addictive substance is also in many other foodstuffs. Amazing facts.

Anti-stress programme: one stress-free week

Stress-free for a week

Finding that ideal weight

Too heavy, too light or just right? Our tips to help you find your personal ideal weight.

Detox: cleansing after overindulging

Give your body a little break. Cut out stimulants and lower your stress level.

Cinnamon and its effects

Did you already know? Cinnamon has an alleviating effect. It stimulates digestion, promotes blood circulation and much more.

Vitamin D – What you need to know

In winter, the body doesn’t produce enough vitamin D. Find out the symptoms of a deficiency and what you can do to help.

Lumbago – sudden-onset lower back pain

Caused by a wrong move and incredibly painful: a lumbago diagnosis. More information on the causes, treatment options and preventive measures.

Lactose intolerance – when milk becomes a problem

An estimated 20% of the people in Switzerland have a lactose intolerance. What impact does it have for the affected people? What are the lactose-free alternatives?
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