Helsana Coach (9)

You can complete different programmes in Helsana Coach. It offers tips and activities relating to exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Helsana Coach supports you in achieving your personal health goals and boosting your well-being as a result.

How progressive muscle relaxation works

Do you often find yourself tense? Do you suffer from stress or chronic pain? Try progressive muscle relaxation. A guide.

Combat stress with resilience

In the interview, the resilience expert Patricia von Moos explains how to prepare ourselves for difficult situations.

Jogging for beginners: 11 important tips

Too fast, too often, too long – we’ll you what to look out for as a novice runner.

Aching muscles: the key facts

How do aching muscles come about and what helps to counter them?

How much sugar is healthy?

We need sugar to live, but only in moderation. Too much sugar is unhealthy. So what and how many sugary snacks can we have without becoming sick?

Alkaline food

Some foodstuffs are acidifying while others form alkalines. Is this an important factor in a healthy diet?

10 facts about coffee

Do you need your daily caffeine boost? What effects coffee has on your body.

Trouble sleeping? Try the sleep test now.

Do the sleep test. It shows if you have a sleeping problem and what you can do to improve your sleep.

How to get the most out of Nordic walking

Nordic walking is fun, but challenging. To get the most out of it, you need the right equipment and the right technique.