Birth (21)

Baby emergency: think before you act

It's awful to think that your own child may have an accident. But however careful you are, it may still happen.

Everyday life with baby: how to get used to it

During the first weeks and months, your baby certainly keeps you on your toes. And of course you want to do everything right.

Reassuring: support after the birth

Your baby has arrived, but the psychological and physical stresses of the birth continue to affect you. It's a good thing that you're not alone.

Giving birth abroad – who covers the costs?

If you decide that you want to give birth to your baby abroad, you are responsible for the costs. Emergency situations are different.

Where should the baby be born?

Choose the place that suits you to have your baby. Depending on the situation, a hospital birth is preferable to the alternatives.

Premature birth: a relatively small risk

In Switzerland, about 5 to 10% of babies are born too early. Most of them have a good chance of survival.

Nicotine and alcohol: pregnancy risks

Addictive substances such as nicotine and alcohol can greatly endanger the pregnancy and the embryo. It's best to stop using them.

The birth is approaching – not long now

Careful preparation for the birth creates peace of mind. An expectant mother should be as relaxed as possible as she looks forward to the big event.
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