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Being and staying healthy has a lot to do with lifestyle. Age, in comparison, only plays a secondary role. People who eat a healthy and wholesome diet, avoid smoking, and get as much exercise as possible in their daily lives already have a huge advantage. Preventive measures such as check-ups also reduce the risk of illness. Vaccinations provide effective protection against contagious diseases.


Being physically active has numerous benefits, such as improving your health and strengthening your immune system.

Walking and running

Walking, Nordic walking and running are easy to learn and can be practised almost anywhere.

Significance and purpose of medical check-ups

Medical check-ups are advisable in situations where there is a heightened risk of illness. It is important to seek individual advice from your general practitioner or a specialist.

Preventive protection via vaccinations

Immunisation for babies and small children

Basic vaccinations against childhood illnesses have proven their effectiveness for decades. Expert medical advice can help you make the right decisions.

Vaccinations before travelling abroad

In certain countries, there is a higher risk of illness. It is advisable to check as early as possible whether any particular vaccinations are recommended or mandatory.

Recommendations for medical check-ups

Medical check-ups aid in the early detection of possible illnesses. They make it possible to provide appropriate treatment in good time.

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