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By means of selected partnerships in the social, prevention and information provision fields, we demonstrate our commitment to society and bear testimony to our dedication to life.

Nao, my alter ego

Can an avatar replace a sick child at school? The Ulrich Family took this brave step. A story about “courage pearls”, yoga and explosive joy.

Illness won’t mean missing a thing thanks to Avatar

Helsana is donating two avatars to the rehabilitation clinic in Affoltern. See for yourself how the robots help children and young people.

Special Olympics take over the Letzigrund stadium for one day

The Zurich Regional Games were held in the Letzigrund stadium on Saturday, 13 May 2017.

Helsana is committed to the special moments in everyone’s life

The Swiss national unicycle hockey team did the shopping for an elderly person needing help – on unicycles. Find out how this came to pass.

Zurich fencing club actively committed to life

The members of the Zurich fencing club committed to championing a good cause by collecting food for homeless and socially disadvantaged people.

An avatar goes to school

Timea couldn't attend school for months, but stayed integrated thanks to the Nao avatar. Nao gave her a small measure of normality.

Two avatars for the Cantonal Hospital in Aarau

Helsana handed over two avatars right before Christmas. Professor Henrik Köhler from the Cantonal Hospital in Aarau joins the Zurich Children’s Hospital as a grateful gift recipient.

Committed to #ChildrensSmiles.

As a partner of the Theodora Foundation, Helsana does its part to help 100,000 sick children a year to forget their illness, if only for a little while. Show your commitment.

Helsana Health Forum 2016

The Helsana Health Forum met with a positive response: 350 participants received valuable and interesting information on the subject of cardiovascular health in the Kursaal Bern on 17 September.
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Our commitments

We commit ourselves to society by working with selected partners from various fields. We show our commitment to prevention in our work with "I believe in you" and in the operation of our own Helsana Trails. Our social commitment involves us in partnerships with the Theodora Foundation, Avatar and the Special Olympics. And anyone can use our health forum to regularly add to their knowledge about health.

Our commitments

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