Signs of illness while abroad

An illness suffered abroad may have many causes. It may be due, for example, to the change of climate or to something you ate that upset your stomach. Minor problems can be resolved quickly with the right medicine. However, if you are suffering from a high fever, you should absolutely see a doctor.

Unwohlsein im Ausland

When you're on holiday or a business trip abroad, your body has to get used to the new situation. It's highly likely that the food you're eating is different to what you normally eat at home and this may affect your digestive system. Perhaps you're struggling with the climate or you're just overdoing the sporting activities or sightseeing a little bit. If you're on business, sitting in meetings for hours on end can really take it out of you.

Try to identify and assess the symptoms. If you have a headache, an upset stomach or are tired, it'll help if you take the corresponding medication from your travel first-aid kit (PDF, 57KB) .

A local doctor or hospital as a point of contact

Make sure you take your temperature. If it's close to or above 38°C, it's an alarm signal you need to take seriously. Go to a local doctor and get treatment.


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